How do care for a small section of wavy\looser curl in nape of neck.3c I think

I have 3 different textures of curls most is 4a I think but like the crown back area is shorter from breakage and smaller tighter curls that's finner than the most that's the back of my head I think its called the nape area(most people's is shorter and coarser I think)but that's where I have the loosest curls its almost wavy and much easier to flat iron with lower heat..I know its not heat damaged because like 2 years ago my mom burned my hair there completely off but only like 1 inch away from the root.that area was never short like most people it was maybe 4 inches and now its like 5 and finally touches my back..I want to make it curlier so it matches the rest of my hair texture without putting a chemical in it..I tried to do a 2 strand twist but it doesn't hold unless I put a rubberband on the ends and a braid out looks nice there but it doesn't looks straight when stretched while the rest looks wavy when stretched..and using a wide tooth comb doesn't detangle it I think b'c it slides right through! I basically have to flat iron to match it or wear it in a bun.

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Sometimes that happens. You either have to just live with it (if you do wash n gos) or cut the looser hair in the back in a more even way with the tighter curls. So it looks like the hair is uniform. Other than that you can wear stretched styles regularly but still be natural.

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