Cut hair growing again!

Hi All,

Over a year ago I had very long hair and got a Brazilian BlowOut. I hated it. I cut it all off and had a horrible hair cut and ended up having a very short pixie. I am now growing it out and HATE it. I feel like a kooky poodle head and my curls are not as tight as they used to be and I am just frustrated trying new products etc. Thanks for listening and letting me vent.
awww, i'm sorry you.

I remember when i got my hair cut into a pixie in 2008. loved it! everyone loved it, except 2 friends and my family, but evryone else loved it, got so many compliments.

fast forward a year. i was at the akward growing out phase, where my hair was too short to do anything with, but to long to be a pixie anymore. now my hair is longer then is was in 2008, and i love it.

just keep hope alive! give it time to grow. good luck!
im with you. i also am growing out pixie. its getting to long to wear straight, but not long enough to really curl. i wear scarves and diffuse curls in. it is very frustrating, and there are times i just want to give up and cut it. ive only been growing for 2 months so i dont know what i expect but this is horrible. some days the scarves work fine, other days it seems i cant get a curl to save my life. i dont have root curl so being that i dont have much more than roots, its not going very good. good luck

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