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curlyJake 11-19-2011 12:18 PM

Okay, hello 3c! My hair is about 6 or seven inches long, but I can't seem to get the kind of curls I see around here. My hair wont cooperate so I usually just pull the front behind my ears, then it doesn't look curly, just like, idk. So, what are your methods of applying leave in Co, or gel?

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curlyty07 11-20-2011 04:04 PM

Is your hair usually curly when you wash it? You should wash your hair with some sort of conditioner that doesn't have sulfate in it. Find a deep conditioner and leave it in for maybe 30-45 min, then rinse it out. You can either apply conditioner while it's dripping wet, or pat it dry with a towel, then apply a leave in conditioner or a gel to it. I love kinky-curly knot-today conditioner and their curling custard. It's kinda pricey though, so maybe try eco-styler gel which is organic and a lot more affordable.

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