Hair troubles

I'm growing my hair out for the first time and it is getting to about medium length.. Not long enough to part yet though.

At the end if the day, my hair just gets really frizzy and no longer looks curly.. Help? I use mousse to keep it frizz free, but that only works for a little bit.

I will attach some pictures to slow what it looks like at the end if the day.


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Try using eco-styler gel or curl enhancing smoothie, which can be found at Target. Or you could use Kinky-curly curling custard which works sooo well, but it's kinda expensive. They sell the custard at Target as well.
what hair type are you? Are you just using mousse? I found mousse to be quite drying on my 3c, coarse, normal porosity hair

If you do decide to try out any of the shea moisture line, Walgreens online have a BOGOF for those products
Do you use leave-in? I coat mine in leave-in when it's soaking wet and then plop. I think right now I'm using Garnier Triple Nutrition DC on my ends and the parts exposed to surface air and Beautiful Curls Leave-in and Detangler (the one for "babies and up"-it's really light ) on the rest. It gets sort of heavy and congealed if I don't do it when really wet, though. I think I sort of have to let the excess conditioner get patted out.

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