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Hi All,

I am growing out a pixie and my hair is a bit longer than my Avatar pic. I am noticing that when I use gel, curl creme or anything that has some weight to it I am getting super freaky afro type hair. It is icky!!!! I have fine hair and I don't think that they heavy products are working for me. I used to use mousse years ago and it worked really good for my hair but now I don't know. Does anyone have any product suggestions?

I don't seem to get along good with DevaCurl. I have tried so many things it is ridiculous. I have had a manicuring license for years and I can buy hair products at the supply store for 1/2 price but I am willing to get anything that might work.

Hi Nichole!

Not sure what you mean by "super freaky afro type hair". Afro hair in and of itself is perfectly lovely. Do you mean frizzy hair?

Is your hair properly conditioned? Do you use a deep conditioner once a week?

Here are some highly reviewed styling products for 3As.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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