Deva cut in August...too paranoid to get a trim!!! HELP

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PLEASE don't let my thread languish in "no-response hell"!!!

Let me preface by saying...this is the most decent curly haircut I have EVER had in my entire life.

She was trying to help me keep my length, so I guess she left hair that really should've been trimmed away. At present, I have a bunch of split, straggly ends at the longest part of my hair. Treating these ends have proven to be only a temporary fix, and I know my hair enough to know that these ends just need to come OFF.

I got the Deva cut this past August. Before this, I had not had my hair cut in a really, really long time. So the ends she left behind would've ALREADY been pretty old back in August.

Problem is, I have NOT been working steadily since August and there's just no way I can afford to go back to the salon.....not even for a trim.

I usually trim my own hair. I have so much that it usually doesn't make a difference if it's slightly imperfect.

For the record, my hair is 3b, very thick and fine, also very dense. It hits almost waist-length when straightened.

I know this is a really dumb dilemma.....but I'm so afraid to mess up a good thing. The ends are really shaggy and fuzzy; my hair doesn't look good curly OR straight right now.

Should I just trim it myself, or go to a cheaper place just to get it trimmed and pray they stay within the lines of the original cut?

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U reminded of the last time I went trimming I got back home with two different lengths left is shorter than the right , and I always notice even when I tell them just trim off the split which r tinny n not alot they kind up cutting off 1 or 2 inches, so I decided to trim my own hair since split is not alot.
But for u my dear if Its too much just try to invest in a good salon, hair is a lady's crown

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