I am wondering how to treat my hair because I have two different things going on with my hair. I have wavy hair up front and from the crown to the nape of my hair it is extremely curly. The length of it is now to my shoulder blades and on top of that I am allergeric to hair grease (it breaks my face out something horrible.) My hair responds to clear ice gel and mousse but it has some much alcohol (mousse) in it that after awhile my hair looks dry. I am wondering what exactly can I do to rectify this situation.
Thank you, AnnG!
If the stylers u are using (the mousse and gel) are drying out your hair u should mix with your leave in or use ur rinse out as a leave in.... Also recently my hair has been dry and I have been sealing with a tiny bit of jojoba oil or coconut oil on wet hair to trap in water its been helping a lot... as for the multiple textures do u think it's from damage? if so u should try a PT or DT if it's natural and it bothers u could try pin curls to make it curlier or sponges roller things

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