Curly Hair Products in China?

Hey y'all, I'm currently an American living in Northern China and I was wondering whether anyone has any knowledge of curly hair products that I might be able to get here? I have 3c/4a hair and have been having a devil of a time keeping it moisturized in the dry, extremely cold winter air here. While I'd love to try to keep using the products I use back home, the post-monetary conversion price of many of the products is a bit pricey, so I'm looking to use more natural products/ local products to help keep my hair healthy. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I can't give you any specific product recs, but do keep in mind that you can make a lot of hair products with ingredients that you might find in a local market: hair oils, DCS, spritzes, possibly FSG, boost your cowash condish with honey and/or oil etc.


I unfortunately don't have any recommendations on this topic, but was wondering if you were able to find a solution. I may be moving to China soon, and taking care of my curls there has been a pretty big concern. Did you figure anything out?

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