Mix of hair types? Help?

Hi! I've visited this site before, trying to determine my hair type and how to make it work, but I just can't seem to figure it out.
My hair has always been hard to manage, and I've tried a lot of different methods to make it work. Still, my hair seems to have multiple textures! I'm posting it in the 3c section because that seems to be my best guess.

I've been growing my hair out for about 5 years (5th grade to 10th), not just because I love the look of long curly hair, but so that I could hopefully weigh down the layers and make it more manageable. Now it's about down to my shoulder blades.

When I get out of the shower, I have relatively large curls, about the size where you could fit a thumb through. As it dries, it becomes fuzzy all over, more or less maintaining the curls but making them expand. The only relatively smooth area is the bottom-most layer, because it's weighed down.
The hair along my scalp is very coarse and short, and I have refrained from using any thinning shears for around a year to avoid this problem, but it hasn't helped. The texture is more or less kinky, despite what I use to treat it. I am not African American or biracial, and my family members don't seem to have this hair type.

I have used creams on my hair (curl locking) when I get out of the shower to make most of my hair less fuzzy, but it's a hassle to have to wash hair before going out, and no matter what I use (satin sleep caps, etc), my curls become completely unmanageable when I sleep on them. I don't use a brush outside of the shower, either.

I have some strands that are thick, some thin, some wiry/coarse, some smooth, some bent randomly.. some that are smooth until the end of the strand where it curls up, etc. Completely befuddling to me! I've never met anyone else with this hair type. Can anyone help?

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Have you tried any gels to weigh your curls down? Kinky Curly Curly Custard really weighed my curls down and smoothed them out. When it dried I had no frizz. Unfortunately it broke me out so i had to switch to the blue ecostyler. As for how you sleep, have you tried pineappling and the putting on a satin cap? That is the key to multiple-day hair for me. In the morning i just let the steam from the shower plump any flattened curls.

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