What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?

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Hi, I did not get a reply on my other post, so trying different images.

So anyone? would be grateful to know what is my hair type? Also the lois system is confusing to me, can anyone simplify for me? I feel like I could be silky sometimes but sometimes cottony, it is the descriptions that confuse me.

Thanks .
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What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-left-side3.jpg   What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-strand-view.jpg   What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-right-side-2.jpg   What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-img01800-20111213-0307.jpg   What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-right-side-3.jpg  

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I'd say you're in the "4" family.
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Along with typing your hair you should figure out its density and porosity so you can use products your hair will thrive with. Curly NIkki has an article on her site that explained how to find these things out in pretty simple terms.
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Hey girl, I am a 4a, so is my bro & sis I would say you are def not a 4a. Even with product I cannot get my hair that loose. Your curl seems to start at the root in the second pic I notice your thumb is considerable smaller in size than the curl ,so I see 3b & 3c. my cuz hair is 3c with lil bit 3b hair looks kinda similar to hers. As I have said before you are the best person to determine your curl size, you see it in person every day. If curls pencil size 3c sharpie 3b. I am no L.O.I.S expert sorry and I agree withTrixMix Diva hair properties most important.
Hi all thanks for the replies. I have been reading through other posts and have done new pics without any product, manipulation including scrunching. I just shampooed and dc'd this time and t-shirt dried then air dried.

I used my eye liner pencil for size comparison and also I know sharpie is a type of pen but not sure if we have it in the UK so I used sized my fat sized mascara instead. In your other post coilywonder you mentioned side walk chalk? Not sure what that is I know sidewalk is equivalent to pavement in the UK but we don't call anything 'pavement chalk' here lol.

I noticed majority of may hair is pencil sized to 'sharpie pen' sized or some are bigger and some waves. Though I also have some few bits of hair that are smaller than pencil sized, my nape hair is so different to the rest of my hair no discernible curl pattern at all , very tiny coils,

Sorry to rant I have some new pics below.
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What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-img02159-20120113-2311.jpg   What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-img02124-20120113-2253.jpg  

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Is your hair currently relaxed or do you use heat frequently? In some pics there seems to be a lot of straight pieces, which indicates that your hair may be damaged. If that's the case,your actual hair type when healthy will probably be tighter than it is now.

I'm guessing your hair is highly porous, so using products with lots of moisture as well as protein will help prevent further damage.

Eyeliner pencils tend to be a bit more narrow than a standard writing tool. A regular writing pen/pencil is what most people use to compare. And sidewalk chalk is chalk that children use to draw/color on pavement.
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Hey girl, I am a 4a, so is my bro & sis I would say you are def not a 4a. Even with product I cannot get my hair that loose. Your curl seems to start at the root in the second pic I notice your thumb is considerable smaller in size than the curl ,so I see 3b & 3c. my cuz hair is 3c with lil bit 3b hair looks kinda similar to hers. As I have said before you are the best person to determine your curl size, you see it in person every day. If curls pencil size 3c sharpie 3b. I am no L.O.I.S expert sorry and I agree withTrixMix Diva hair properties most important.
Originally Posted by Coilywonder

She can just have a totally different texture from you and your brother's...Not all 4a's will look alike...
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Hi subbrock to address your questions no my hair is not relaxed, my last relaxer was May 2011, the last time I 'straightened' or as you say 'flat ironed' my hair was actually about a couple of weeks before I last relaxed so that would have been in April start of May 2011, haven't used heat of any kind since.

In my original post I did state that the left side of my hair is way looser than the right side of my hair. I do not know the exact reason why. I sleep on my right side more which is also the side with a higher density of hairs and also grows slower. My left side is looser, grows faster and has lower density.

Trust me I am exasperated with that side of my hair during my transition I could not figure out why the left side appeared straight, but the right side wavy, even after my bc my hair on the left side was straight/wavy and my bf was witness to that. I have a pic below to demonstrate. I had to cut it the same length as the other side as I couldn't tell the difference between relaxer and natural hair, but did some non expert shaping afterwards.

The eyeliner pencil I used to measure was Clinique cream shaper for eyes which is actually a tiniest bit bigger in circumference than a standard bic pen.

I have come to the realization that my hair is is low porosity to very low porosity, it's really hard for me to figure how to get moisture in..

Trust me I had no idea what my natural hair was going to turn out like and I haven't seen anyone with hair that looks like mine and I have just had to come to the realization and acceptance that is the way my hair is and I have to live with it and work with it.

I mean I just wish I knew about the measuring method before so I would have known my hair type myself, my fault with my science background I should have known better I should have researched deeper. I just wanted to know to get some styling tips because I have been having some problems in that area but hey you learn.
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What is my hair type 4a 3c etc....?-img01562-20111120-0103.jpg  
So you're currently transitioning? You haven't cut off the relaxed ends? Forgive me if I seem slow LOL but I'm just making sure I get it right. If you haven't cut off your relaxed or potentially heat damaged ends then based off your pics that explains why the straight/looser texture exists and doesn't match the texture of your roots. I've been on this site for years and there have been a lot of new members whose hair seems to look like yours-- mysterious straght/wavy sections, tighter curl pattern at the roots. And 100% of the time they claim that their hair is not relaxed and they don't use heat. And usually over time they remember/realize/admit that their hair is not 100% chemical free.

But at the end of the day, hair typing doesn't mean much other than figuring out the size of your curls. What you should focus on is caring for you hair based on it's properties (texture, porosity, density). And since you have a background in science, you'll probably find caring for your hair based off of all of that super easy. Good luck!

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Nope I am afraid what you are writing is incorrect. I am not currently transitioning, nor is my hair heat damaged or relaxed, sorry to disappoint. I wrote all the specific details of my last relaxer and the last time heat touched my hair in the previous post.

My hair kinks/curls/waves whatever do unfold as they grow out and get looser. My roots are fuzzy and curlier for the first two inches, was that way last September is that way now. Why is some of my hair wavy? I don't know maybe it is a present from some previous ancestors.

As you know some people gets curlier, some looser as they grow out, some stay the same. I have even cut some pieces at the root in the front and they've grow back on that straight/wavy. Also hair types of varying degrees is not unheard of I have looked at quite a few posts in between the time I posted this thread.

I think it is laughable that you are insinuating that I am lying/misleading/mistaken like I am some sort of kook and some of your comments have irked me. You may not know my personality but I assure I hate liars and I am a very straight down the arrow kind of person I don't play games, I am in my twenties don't have time for that. I am a very meticulous person and I am more than certain that I do not have amnesia of any kind. So those people you talk about may have done that but that is not me. I am not under the impression that hair needs to stay the same as it grows out, if you are not altering the structure of your hair permanently/ damaging it etc...then your genetic code and also environmental factors decides how your hair turns out.

I have another picture in the general curly section that shows my hair in the front part that is wavy from root to tip, I had to scrunch and twirl around my finger to get it to be more wavy, use some eco styler gel, scrutinize it if it appeases you but in that picture my hair is damp.

That picture with the hair you think is 'heat damaged' may not be the best picture and my head was tilted but if pay close attention you can see hairs are intertwined and if you follow the hair there are slight waves that really is how it is without product limp. Notice the back is curlier.

But at the end of the day this is not a court case, this is just hair, I mean all this probing is utterly unnecessary incessant and unnecessary I am sorry that you wanted all my hair to be tighter e.g. 4a or whatever but a a very high percentage of it just is not.

I may be 'new' but I learn fast. Believe what you want but the notion of me being me being a clandestine relaxer that abuses heat thoroughly amuses me. At the end of the day I know the truth and those in my proximity do, so that is the most important thing to me.

I hope you have a pleasant day.
I would like to say I doubt anyone here wants someone else to be a certain hair type. Most of us couldn't care less. Maybe I'm taking it the wrong way but that statement sounds like an insult to me. As if people are jealous of your wavy "good hair" ancestry and we want you to have kinkier black girl hair. If anything a lot of people get annoyed by seeing the hair type question over and over. As you said no one really responded before. I read your posts and one did read like you were saying you are transitioning especially since you used the verb "am". I had to read it a second time more carefully because it is a long run on sentence with hardly a period to be found. Im not being the grammar police but I can easily see how it could have been misunderstood. I dont think you should have been rude to the lady for having trouble following a very long and confusing post. At least she tried to be helpful. As you mentioned you didnt get many responses last time and your last post may not incline people to say much in the future. Have a blessed day.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I think it's 4b. Nice hair, btw.

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You should chop those straightish ends, lil by lil

Your roots are what your ends are supposed be looking like...

My hair looked very similar when I had left over damage in beginning of my journey...but with a few trims , and protein treatments it eventually snapped back up...

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Leave-in/Moisturizer: Giovanni Direct Leave in
Sealants:EVOO, JBCO, Crisco
DC:Matrix Condtioning Balm,Giovanni SAS,Honey, Glycerin
Shampoo:Dr.Bronner's Castile soap bar
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You say this isn't a court case but you're the one leaving reams of "evidence" OP. The poster that inspired your rant left you a very kind and diplomatic response and you...seemingly lost your mind.

Your hair does appear to be heat damaged. After your heated response, I don't really care if it is or isn't--but it's not surprising that someone looking at those pictures would get that impression.
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No no no, don't get confused. I dont care what size curls you have. I was just trying to help you out. Like I said before, I've seen this scenario a million times before on this site. And if you're the exception to this rule, then that stinks for you.

But FYI, one poster with an identical issue to yours (and also claimed some sort of special ancestry) finaly "remembered" that her stylist gave her a relaxer with her deep treatment the last time she was at the salon. And she's still comes around and posts. Another poster who believed she was a looser type 3 finally cut off her ends after years of transitioning and that changed her texture to tigher curls. She's a very popular blogger and loved and respected on this site. So even if you happen to remember something or cut those straight pieces and they never come back, just know that this community doesn't typically hold a grudge. I hate to speak for everybody, but we couldn't care less what your hair type is or isn't. Just trying to help you out.

Blame it on the cell phone...
Wow what an interesting thread! To the OP, I think that subbrock was just trying to help. Your replies back were a bit confusing. You said that you stopped relaxing in may 2011. But I didn't see in your posts that you cut the relaxed ends off. Based on that, I can understand why subbrock asked if you were still transitioning. As long as you haven't cut the relaxed ends, you are still in "transition". No one is saying you are lying! Just trying to help. Anywho good luck on your journey, we have all been through the same thing you have. I've been natural almost 8 years and even now I'm still learning about my hair!

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now... i'm no math wiz, but if you say your last relaxer was in May '11, that would mean that you have about 4 inches of new growth on your head (give or take an inch or so). Your hair looks a lot longer than 4 inches in those pics, which would mean that you DO still have relaxed ends. common sense.

i would've been inclined to think that you honestly did believe that your relaxed pieces really were your natural hair if you hadn't jumped on the defensive so quickly. someone asked a question for the sake of clarification purposes, and you automatically start ranting like they accused you of murder... me thinks thou protest too much...
Keenylicious you are making the assumption that my growth is 0.5 inches per month, people are not all the same, my hair can grow anywhere from 1 inch to up to 2 inches in a month. My hair grows slower in the winter and faster in the summer. So yes my hair grows a lot faster than the average person.

Some of you mean well but with some of you I just love the conformity and the mob mentality, yeah. I will say it again my last relaxer was May 2011. I have not used heat from the that time again. I bc'd in November.

Some of you talk about diplomatic and me going 'crazy' well right back at some of you. I think it is crazy to tell someone their hair looks, damaged, to state ones opinion and then reiterate it again and compare me to people who are forgetful and 'claim' to be a looser texture when they are not and you don't even know the person, that makes it personal to me. I do not gain anything from it. I mean how would you feel if someone right now accused you of relaxing and using heat tools when you know that is not the case some of you are obviously backing your ally but look on the other side if you can be balanced.

Subbrock I just going to be honest with you that comment about suddenly remembering having a relaxer and etc... I felt it was very patronizing and rude and it offended me you may mean well but that is how I saw it. I can only apologise if you felt attacked. I do have some French ancestry which really is not special at all many people do. I just tried to find an explanation with myself.

Fact of the matter is that part of my hair particularly in the front on both sides can look anywhere from wavy to straight it varies day to day. If anything I dislike these parts of my hair and it is a sore point for me as I'd rather it look like the curlier parts.

adthomas is this not a hair forum? you may see things over and over again but weren't you once beginning your natural journey? It's like when people see a learner driver and then people criticize them for driving too slow and we have all been there once, help people. Who is jealous of my hair? I don't think there is anything to be jealous of, I just felt the line of questioning was more along the lines of an interrogation like how dare I even consider my hair is looser in some parts. What is wrong with 4a hair? in my opinion nothing at all I have some. The whole good hair thing really is not a thing in the UK nor do we have a whole array of descriptions of different skin colours on black people. I am black simple as and a Welsh born Ghanaian.

But I am just going to agree to disagree because having bias about who can say certain things is kind of weird you are all entitled to your opinion as am I but it doesn't mean our opinions are factual. I asked a simple question that turned into something more. I will never conform to what people think I should act like whether I am new or considered the underdog or whatever . But if anyone else has anything else to say go ahead, but as far as I am concerned this thread is toast I now know my hair type(s) now the purpose has been fulfilled.

I wish you all luck & happiness in your lives & your natural journeys.
The OP says she's done on this thread so this isn't to her, but is for the benefit of anyone else that may be reading this. The 'good hair thing' IS a 'thing' in the UK. Please don't be mistaken; it's a pressure / issue that black girls do have to deal with and can relate to in the UK.
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