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vajracurlz 01-27-2012 08:15 PM

Increasingly curly (and coarse) hair
Greetings all,

I am new to this site, and thrilled to find such a wealth of valuable information, albeit somewhat overwhelmed.

I started out with stick-straight hair as a child. During my teens, it started to get wavy, to which I responded with great frustration and an arsenal of tools and products. Despite all that, the trend continued. At 51, my hair is decidedly quite curly, and I have come to embrace the curl wholeheartedly. I wear it long and as curly as it can be.

What I don't love is the coarse feel that is increasing with the curl. I have some gray hair, but not much. I imagine this may be contributing somewhat to this texture. And though I no longer use shampoo and use a blow-dryer with a diffuser very sparingly, I'm sure my regimen could use some tweaking. Starting tomorrow, no terrycloth towel, and I will take a stab at plopping (though I find that word a little silly). I'll make sure I'm not using products with silicones. I'll use a good deep conditioner. And I'll report back how all this works.

Does anyone else have experience with hair going from silky-straight to curly-coarse? Any advice?


P.S. I have always been a product junkie. My funds are extremely limited at this point in my life, so I need to find the right products and stick with them, and stop the endless search for the 'miracle product'.

proudcurlygirly 01-28-2012 05:16 AM

:? I know what you mean, I've noticed a few greys coming through and they are definitely a lot courser in texture than my brunette locks, so I'll be watching with interest to see what advice (if any) can be offered. Luckily, there are only a few greys at the moment, so they aren't really noticeable, but I think it will get to the stage where I have no option but to colour them. Some women's hair looks amazing with their natural grey colouring, but I've got a feeling mine would just turn into a wiry mess, lol!:laughing9:

TassieAnge 01-28-2012 03:35 PM

I haven't gone from straight to curly but I am getting new coarse strands coming through that are much curvier than the others around them. They are similar to the greys that are appearing, but not grey. They like to stick up in a nifty halo all over my canopy, refusing to sit with the other hairs at all, lol.

It's been suggested that colouring might help, but I'm hoping to embrace the grey as it arrives and don't want to start down the colour road. I'm doing lots of DT and avoiding all protein. Last wash I sealed with olive oil after my leave-in, which helped a lot.

So far, my hypothesis is that they haven't got a curl to clump with, and they are dry so they frizz. I can't do anything about their lack of hairs to clump with but I figure I can seal as much moisture into them as possible. Not easy in low porosity hair, but whatever. I am also working on accepting the halo and loving my hair the way it is instead to trying to turn back time to about two years ago when I was literally frizz free with conditioner only.

For me I think it's age, hormones and medications conspiring.

Don't know if there's anything here that helps you, let us know how you get on and what works for you.

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vajracurlz 02-24-2012 04:57 PM

Wow! I can't believe the difference in the way my hair feels! Changes I've made since my first post:
1. No more shampoo. Instead, once a week or so I use DevaCurl No-Poo. I have always co-washed in between.
2. No more silicones. Products I'm using are:
DevaCurl No-Poo
DevaCurl One Condition or Mop Top Daily
Jessicurl Deep Conditioner (as leave-in)
Mop Top Deep Conditioner (have used once, with
Curl Junkie Curls In a Bottle
Organic jojoba oil I blended with essential oils
3. No more terrycloth towels. I plop my hair with a tee shirt or a Curlease towel (though I still think the word 'plopping' sounds silly).

I can't say with scientific certainty, but I think the dramatic change in the way my hair feels is due to eliminating silicones. I had begun to suspect that the silicone 'glosser' I was putting on my hair, though it seemed to make it soft initially, was drying it out. The fact that I made a bunch of product and handling changes at once makes it hard to say what, specifically, is responsible for this change, but I do know this - I got more useful tips from this site than I have ever gotten anywhere before, including from hairstylists (several with curly hair).

Three days after I'd begun this new regimen, a curly-haired stranger came up to me and said, "What do you put on your hair???? It's so shiny and healthy-looking." I had told my hairstylist about this site the day I found it. After that comment, I stopped by my stylist's shop, and she said, "Whatever you're doing to your hair, keep doing it. It's workin', girl!"

I don't give testimonials like this very often. But seriously, my hair has gone from feeling like straw to so soft I keep touching it to make sure it's not a fluke.

Loving my curls :D,

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