ACV - before or after conditioner?

I'd like to try an apple cider vinegar rinse, but cannot find anywhere if I need to do it before or after conditioning.

I found steps to shampoo, then the ACV rinse, then dry. . . when do I apply conditioner?

I would think shampoo, conditioner, ACV - but is that the right order?
I used to do it that way but I smelled vinegar all day. A lot of people say the smell goes away but it didn't for me. So now I always apply conditioner after the acv.

On my EVO
The ACV rinse is meant to close the hair cuticle. I did one tonight. My routine was BaSo wash, Cowash, RO, ACV rinse, and LI. If you use BaSo as your clarifier you definitely need to do an ACV rinse.

The smell does hang around, but it dissipates after awhile.

I personally like to ACV rinse after conditioner.

I dilute it - 700 mls of water with 2 tbspns of ACV. I leave it in for a couple of mins & then rinse it out with water. My hair does not smell of vinegar afterwards. thank goodness.
I do baking soda, RO, then pour 1 Tbsp ACV into 1 cup warm water and pour that over hair followed by LI. Vinegar smell is gone once I've added LI and stylers.
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Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.
I use Struttswife's recipe and put the baking soda in my cowash conditioner. Cowash with the mix, rinse, ACV rinse, condition, rinse. I mix the ACV up in a 24oz water bottle with squirt top for easier application. What I don't use gets stored for next time.
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I do: Cowash, Rinse Out with cold water, cold ACV rinse, squeeze out some extra water then continue with my usual styling (gel, plopping, diffuse, done).
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