Need help, my 20month-old daughter with 3c curls

I'm a 3a/b and finally know how to handle my own hair.
My daughter is a 3c (on the verge of becoming 4a) and I have no clue of what to do with her hair.

I've been using baby shampoo and soft & precious hair dress creme since her birth. I only comb when her hair is dripping wet, with a wide tooth comb. I shampoo once a week and re-wet everyday.

I think I need a detangler and a new moisturizer. Any tips??
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She looks adoreble! I think Kinky-Curly have a product line called Tiny Twirls with both conditioner and styler.
Curly Beautys
I've never used Tiny Twirls but I use Kinky Curly Knot Today on my little ones (just started using it on my 10 month old) with great success. The Curling Custard works well on various hairtypes too.

What brand baby shampoo do you use? If it's Johnson & Johnson definitely ditch it. That stuff is harsh and drying.

Blame it on the cell phone...

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