dying for this Rihanna cut

So I have 3b hair, it is pretty curly but very fine and I don't have an excessive amount of it (my ponytail is about the circumference of a nickel).

I would love to have Rihanna's deep red curly hairstyle. I was thinking if I did some shorter layers on the top of my head I might be able to achieve this look. What I'm wondering is, do I have enough hair? Any suggestions? Is this possible?

Any help would be great!! Thanks!


[attached are 3 pictures of my hair and 1 of the Rihanna look I want]
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dying for this Rihanna cut-401531_1807998407984_1480650012_32093961_347019455_n.jpg   dying for this Rihanna cut-408116_1864437331035_1244040054_32051431_1010229248_n.jpg   dying for this Rihanna cut-393452_1768401938097_1480650015_32067689_1484379692_n.jpg   dying for this Rihanna cut-rihanna_curly_red_hairstyle_3.jpg  
Have you ever had some shorter layers before? The only thing that would concern me was you said your hair wasn't very thick. So I'm wondering if you would be able to get the volume for this style if you had layers put in? I can kind of do that style but I have to diffuse to get the volume. I would try it. It's a really pretty style.
It is a very pretty style.

Your hair is very pretty as well!

I would bring the picture to a stylist and see what he/she says.

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Okay, I had my hair stylist cut my hair in this exact style. I showed her this picture. Her cut was right in the money but I hate it. It's so short! My hair was half way down my back and I thought I wanted it that short. Luckily my hair grows fast but I wouldn't do it again. Just really think about it before you do it 😊

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