Is it a problem with my product?

My hair is like pipe cleaner. If it is disturbed in the least bit(pony tails, buns, braids, even sitting on my shoulder!) it stays in that position. It's really annoying because I'm left looking like a have bed head, in the unattractive way. Please help! Any suggestions?
Yeah it most likely is the product you're using...what are you using?

Is your damaged from anything? (i.e. chemical dyes, sulfates, etc)
25", hennahead, CO, goal: hip
Well I have attempted the no poo method for about 6 months now, using suave and either infusion 23 or curlesque by tigi (both with co washable silicone). My hair has been cut since the last time I had any chemicals on it, so everything except for my bangs is natural. But only the bottom inch or so of my bangs have been chemically treated, most of it grew out and got cut off.
You might want to switch products. is your hair coarse? I know mine is, and I have to make sure moisture is ALWAYS put back in or its just like yours at this point. Do those products you use have a lot of protein? That's one thing your hair may not like, or it may need more of it. I steer clear of shampoo also and it has been wonderful on my hair. The suave I don't think has any protein, so try a little packet of the Henna n' Placenta or a K-pak, both you can find at sally's or any beauty supply store. Let's start with that first and determine whether your hair is protein craving or not. One step at a time we will crack this code!!
25", hennahead, CO, goal: hip
Ok I made it to the store (finally) but I got kinky curly knot today, and I think it works! I don't believe there's protein in it. Most of the ingredients are organic. I've have my hair in a bun all day, i took it out few minites ago- AND IT LOOKS GREAT! I think maybe I just needed moisture. Or maybe it was a product build up? Or maybe I had too much protein, like you suggested.

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