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I feel like my hair stunted, or I can't tell its growing. I cut my hair off June last year and I grew about 8 inches, it's too my collarbone when stretched. Is that normal?? I also think my hair is breaking more...I've been moisturizing to not see a diff then to protein and back! I'm at a lost bc it's just DRY and breaking with every touch. If its dry will it stop growing??

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I think that is great growth for not even a year. I only have about 4 inches after 14 months! Just keep moisturizing, trim your ends, massage your scalp, eat good,etc. If that doesn't work I would see a doctor.

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Take pictures! It sounds so simple, but it is very encouraging! I felt like my hair wasn't growing, but it went from


To this:

Since like May/June 2011

I was clueless. This whole time it was growing and I thought it wasn't. So.. Yeah.. Pictures.


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@pinkkpearls- OMG its like you read my mind. I am experiencing the same thing right about now and I am pretty uneasy about it. I cut my hair to ear length May 28, 2011 and since then (over the summer) my hair grew about 6-7 inches and it is now slightly pass my collar-bone. Prior to my cute and going natural, my hair was at that length. I went natural because my hair was not as healthy as it could be and it had texturized ends from a texturizer I did a while back. It has been at this length for about 4-5 months now and it is frustrating. I am still working on my regimen so that could be the cause, however, I have been doing my very best to take care of my hair as a full time college student in Mass. in the winter. Grrrr what to do what to do!
Hee are a few articles we've written about hair growth.

Maybe they'll be helpful.
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You are beautiful!

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