Hello, I just noticed my hair starting to break and I'm not exactly sure on why its doing this.
I wash my hair with motions and leave in conditioner herbal essences hello hydration I dont wash my hair every day but I wet it and comb it out every other day. I wash it once a week and barely do anything to my hair, all I do is wash and go. I try putting hair lotion leaving extra conditioner but every time I wet and come out my hair or even run my fingers through my hair my hands are covered in hair.
Do you guys know whats going on and how to stop this?
Hi there, sorry you are having such trouble with your hair. I'm not familiar with Motions products but I used to use Hello Hydration and when I left it in, my hair was definitely coming out in strands. Are you rinsing it out? If this is happening you may want to switch up your products for a bit because it looks like those are not working for you. Also maybe lay off the combs and try finger detangling instead. If you have any product recs or need advice, feel free to ask
french/black american 3b/3c/4a hair; fine n crrrrrrly
'poo~ SheaMoisture C 'n' H (pink label)
rinse out/leave in conditioner~ Tresemme Moisture,GVP Balm, Suave Shea and Almond
Deep Con and Detangling~ Mixed Silk,Elasta QP (now with olive oil!)
Stylers/Oils~ SheaMoisture DTM, Africa's Best Herbal Oil, ,Grapeseed oil/Tresemme Thermal Spray (great for diffusing/heat) all shea oils
You might be right about the products. I'm going to try Miss Jessies hair pudding cause I've heard nothing but good reviews about it, so hopefully my hair will stop coming out and finally grow!
First, it could be shedding instead of breakage. If the hairs you see are fairly long and/or have a white bulb at the end then it could be normal shedding. On average you shed around 100 hairs a day. If you don't remove them every single day by detangling/ washing/ combing/ etc it could look like you're losing a alarming amount of hair.

If you're sure it's breakage and not shedding here is when knowing your hair's properties would come in handy. Are your strands normal, low, or high porosity? Fine or coarse? Maybe you need more protein or more moisture or both. I have fine high porosity hair and I know if I used those 2 products my hair would break off left and right because they're not moisturizing enough. And miss jessie's products? Forget about it. My hair would take off and run in the other direction.
Blame it on the cell phone...
Hello Hydration messed my hair up for 2 weeks! Then again that was the shampoo.

Anyway, my issue IS shedding!! And there's lots of it. I find shed hair on my hands seems like every time I touch it! My hair is thin up top, so of course I automatically think that's where it came from!

I'm not helping. Sorry. As has been said, I'd try some different products. Find out if you are protein sensitive or craving, then look for products that fit that. I'm no expert, but too much protein can cause breakage.


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