3B Curls Products in the Tropics?

Im headed to Hawaii and know I'm going curly (tropical climate so why fight it, right?) I need to know what products to get for the climate so I don't wind up a frizz ball. One issue I've had is if I wrap or braid it over night I jus wind up with a dry top layer and the rest is still wet. But I don't mind my curls, just cant get them to behave.

So Cheap or expensive, in the store or online, I don't care I just needs some help to get smoother, shiny curls...and stiffness is OK as long as the swimming doesn't turn me into the slime monster. I live in sometimes humid/sometimes dry a lot of the time windy Oklahoma...so any help with 3b curly hair products for that kind of weather would be greatly appreciated too....I've added pics & details below. Thanks Y'all!

I have layers, with the longest hitting my shoulders when dry and curly. Its super thick, coarse, tons of ringlets with the ability to grow, frizz & defy gravity to epic proportions when left to its own devices. So much so I have to make a deal with any hair dresser I've had because of time consumption..."if you can color and cut it, I'll go home and blow it out." This works because its so thick, you can't hardly screw up the cut unless you try.

I typically go straight (1.5 hr at home blow out and ghd flat iron a couple times a week but takes less product in the long run) and lasts me about 5 days.

Its somewhat manageable Curly where I live (Oklahoma) as long as it gets a generous dose of the recipe I'm currently using: heavy conditioning (Pureology Smooth), leave-in conditioner spray (Matrix), tons of serum (Rusk Argan), a softball size amount of curl constructing mouse (Suave Creme Curl) and layers of spray gel (Redken for curls) to top it off. Forget about hitting it with a diffuser = certain disaster and all that work would be for naught.

I finish off with the spray gel because it keeps the curls together and I don't mind the stiffness because it helps with shine.

The pic with all the curls was back in '96 (ha!) just wanted to justify the jeans lol!

The canoe and the one with my husband are present day.

If you read all the way to here....bless your heart! I really appreciate your help!
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I've recently picked up a brand called EO. It's natural and has all the healthy oils for your hair. I just bought their gel to try it out. Its not you're typical gel like you would think. Anyway, it's really good. It doesn't weigh my hair down like most products do, it doesn't stick or harden and it keep my hair soft throughout the day. The website is EO Products Tame- Curl Control Gel 6 oz - EO Products

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