3a's- does your hair ever lose curl with length?

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Me too! I thought it was just me! I'm so glad I found this thread. Good to know that my curls aren't alone in defying gravity/weight.

When my hair is shorter, it's more wavy than curly pattern-wise.

When my hair is long enough, then I get ringlets (except for the back at the very bottom, which is almost always straight - anyone else have some of that).

Just another good reason to keep growing my hair long - if my curl pattern only improves with length, I think I can ignore the urge to chop it all off in the middle of the summer when it is so very hot.
Here is a picture of my 3a/3b hair at different lengths. I have strong root curl and sharpie sized spirals, but I definitely lose curl as I approach hip length.

I have that straight under layer in the back too. my curls tighten up with length also.
Thank you all for this thread!! My curls went flat after my daughter was born and I chopped all my hair off. Now approaching the shoulder length area and trying to get them back. So good to know it's not just my hair that needs length to curl!

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