How do you apply product?

I've been experimenting with varying methods of applying products and was wondering what everyone else was doing? Rake and shake? Scrunch? Super soaker method? Something else??

What I almost always comeback to:
-Scrunch out some excess water (NOT blotting; no
t-shirt/drying item used on hair)
-Scrunch in products- first hair flipped over- then
flipped back and applied to the canopy.
-Pin up and let air dry - defuser used sometimes.

I don't like how long this takes to dry(4+ hours), but I usually see the best clump formation and frizz reduction.
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I'm a total product junkie and LOVE trying new products every time!

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My hair is fine...and I have noticed that when my hair takes a long time to dry it means I need moisture...when I've got everything in usually takes about an hour for my hair to dry.

I have been using IAGirls' 'frizz fighter' technique for the last couple of weeks and I have gotten some of the best curls's the link...

I try to keep my routine pretty simple...condish, seal (if needed), gel, air dry...ta dah!

my hair has to be drenched with water and conditioner like the tightly curly method or else it will frizz up and i let it air dry and it takes all day and my hair seems to be alot shorter than bother of you but it is pretty thick but since its thick it just works better that way
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I apply my leave in, oil and stylers to sectioned hair. Leave in: apply from ends to roots. Smooth, twist, finger comb in. Comb with wide tooth comb. Stylers: Spritz section with ice cold water. Apply product from ends to roots. Smooth and finger comb creating clumps. Lightly scrunch each section when finished. I also use a wide tooth comb when applying my curl cream.

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