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I was wondering what sort of luck everyone else has had with a night time routine (i.e. showering at night)? I have had some luck with showering, applying products, and diffusing (unless I am staying up longer and air dry) then going to bed with dry but still crunchy hair then scrunching out the crunch in the morning.
What I am not doing great at is flyaways. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and sometimes I will even put my hair in a silk wrap. The problem is that I still have flyways if I just use the pillowcase. I tried using Mister Right in the morning but it either makes frizz or doesn't fix the frizz already there. If I use the silk wrap then sometimes I get curls that stick to my head overnight and then stick out when I remove the wrap. My hair then won't really lay "flat" so to speak unless I completely rewet it which defeats the purpose of a night time routine.

Thoughts on either helping with my frizzies with the pillowcase or my sticking out hair with the wrap?
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So I just started my CG method a couple of months ago. I have been pretty lucky with making it work at night to shower. I hate showering in the morning bc I love my sleep loo. This is what I do:

First and foremost rinse your conditioner out w cold water that helps close the cuticles to minimize frizz. Then soaking wet I apply my either Knot Today leave in or Curl junkie smoothing lotion (it's makes my hair so soft but $$$). Then I apply Curl Junkie curls in a bottle to limit frizz (I've tried curl solutions curl keeper and wasn't super happy with it....I think cjcib works great too). Then I use Jessie curl rockin ringlets and JC confident coil. THEN I scrunch my wet hair out using a FLOUR SAC you can buy the at Walmart where they sell kitchen towels works great. Then I apply a couple pulmfulls of Deva Curl Arch angel. Il top it off w bio silk rock hard gelee for extra hold... OK now how I sleep, I use a dry flour sac towel to plop with my hair and sleep with it over night. I have never had a problem with it falling off while I slept. Then when I wake up in the mor ing I take it down use Jane carter n&s to SOTC, if still damp il add a little bio silk rock hard gelee and defuse the. Use JCNS.

Here's a video of how to use the flour sack for plopping.... Hope this helps!!!

Curly You: How to Plop Your Hair With a Flour Sack
Wow I'm actually starting to feel bad about my night hair care! You guys do so much! lol.

I wash, air dry (or diffuse if I'm really tired) and then add some Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil. It's an organic product so it's ok to leave it in overnight. In the morning I scrunch my curls up and they'll be smooth and soft all day long! Well....most of the time haha

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