Transitioning back to 3b hair from Japanese straightening

Hi everyone! I am going back to curly hair after having it straightened for the past 3 years, and am totally lost on how to transition properly. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Here's some detail and a couple pictures.

My curls have always been tough to deal with. Frizz has always been my nemesis and even though I did the same thing every day, my hair turned out differently every day. I decided I wanted Japanese hair straightening and had it done in March 2009. I loved it but grew tired of the constant upkeep and outrageous expense, and decided to transition back to curly. My last straightening treatment was a BKT in November 2010. (Did Japanese a few times then switched to BKT because I thought it would be easier to transition - it appears to have never worn off though. I have TONS of straight hair left.)

My hair is currently super curly until about my cheekbones, and then it goes into a nightmare straight limp mess. It's too short to do a big chop without looking like Carrot Top, so I am currently putting it in a bun every single day. I was straightening the curly part but between the blow dryer and the flat iron it was taking me nearly 2 hours to do it. Plus I am concerned about heat damage.

I don't remember what products I used to use, but I think it was mostly cheap drugstore stuff that I never loved. I'm looking for guidance on what I should be using on my hair to get the new curl growth in good condition. I have completely stopped using heat on my hair for the last couple weeks. Is it OK to be putting it in a bun every day? In general, I am only wetting and/or washing my hair every 4-5 days because it's such a pain to deal with and all I do is put it in a bun anyway. It's a fairly loose bun with tons of flyaway frizz (ugh). I am not using any product whatsoever on my hair; just shampooing and conditioning (and I have a feeling I should probably not be shampooing with regular shampoo, but am not sure what to be using).

The attached pictures were from my first Japanese straightening treatment. I washed and conditioned my hair the night before, left it wet with no product, and the curl/frizz is what resulted.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, and any guidance is appreciated!
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Wow, your story is almost exactly like mine I started TRing in March '09, switched to brazilian in October '11 to try to transition, and now here I am.

First, do you have a picture of your hair now? Which TR system did you get done (Liscio, Yuko, etc.) - they don't all work as "well" as each other. For example, I had Liscio, which is considered the "best" AKA my hair that was treated was completely poker straight and would be forever.

My hair seems to be curlier and was a lot frizzer than yours, so that made it VERY obvious when my roots were growing in. For that reason, I decided to chop it. I expected that it was going to look awful and I'd just have to deal with it while it grew out, but actually I ended up with a really cute cut that I've gotten soo many compliments on. What my stylist did is cut off the TRd ends everywhere but on the sides, where she left it a little longer and angled around my face, so that it's not just a round puff on the top of my head (would be cute on some, but not on me LOL). So I guess it's an inverted bob, with the back curly like you saw in my other thread, and the sides are wavy/straight. What I do to avoid using heat (since the roots in the front still grow in curly), is I tuck my hair behind my ears while drying so that it turns out smooth and wavy, then gets curlier as it goes to the back. It's hard to explain and I'd show you a picture, but I'm a little leery of posting pictures of my face or other identifying details online.

Anyway, long story short - being that your natural hair looks a bit tamer than mine, you might be able to get away with growing it out. But you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can cut it and have it look good. I'm going to respond in my other thread the particulars of my routine
There is a transitioning forum that may be helpful to you. I've worn my hair curly for the last 35 years, so can't help you there. As long as you aren't pulling your hair tightly and using a loose fastener, you shouldn't be doing more damage that way. Though the flat iron is doing damage. You need to be treating your hair with TLC until you can do the BC.

Your hair properties, and not your curl type, will determine where you should start with products/ingredients. Here's a link to help Live Curly Live Free - Home Once you determine your hair properties, you can look for folks with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.)

As long as you have that damaged straight hair, you'll have issues. If it's chin length curly, I suggest that you look at the curly bob thread A lot of us have, and love, them. It may be a great way to let your hair grow out--and have a style.
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Yeah, I did the Japanese to curly transition as well a few years ago. My hair needed a lot of protein (treatments or conditioners with protein in it) to recover as I was straightening the curly bits for a while.

While your hair is being tied in a bun, it's a good time to experiment with products and techniques. You have nothing to lose as it's going to be tied up anyway.

Hopefully, by the time you get to do the chop you'll have a pretty good routine/products.
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