Please help..moisturizing and sealing..

Okay, I am a newbie, and I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but: If you moisturize and seal with an oil, do you have to wash out the oil everytime you want to moisturize again?

Because you moisturize, seal with an oil, (so the oil traps the moisture in the hair, but also keeps moisture from getting into the hair) but what about when you want/need to moisturize and seal again? The oil blocks the moisture I wrong? Because it seems like my hair rebels once it is sealed with an oil and I try to moisturize and seal again. So do I have to wash my hair everytime I want to moisturize it? Cause that would suck big time.

Thanks for your help, and sorry again if this is a stupid question. :/
Eventually, your hair should absorb the oil. Depending on the porosity, that could be sooner or later, LOL! You should only be using a minute amount of the oil (or any other rich product you're using to seal.) If you have to shampoo, you're using too much.
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Thanks for answering!
Okay, I understand now. I didn't know this before LOL.

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