So I just finished my "big chop." I have been cutting my hair little by little for the past 2-3weeks and I just couldn't take it anymore. I finished chopping off MOST of my straight dead ends that were a result of heat damage from flat ironing & trying the ombré hair trend. Now my hair is just past the shoulder (longest layer) where it reached mid way down my back when it was straightened before I began to cut away. I still have a few straight ends in the back but at this point it's nothing I can't conceal. Let me just say I have natural 3b curls and the flat iron has taken a toll on my curls and they're now 3a curls with slighter looser curls here and there. I RELIGIOUSLY USED a heat protector before my flat iron and deep conditioned after every wash not to mention I used the Apoghee protein treatments whenever I needed to repair my ends. I have however flat ironed my hair (after roller sets) weekly-2x a week for over 4yrs now so I can see how this affected my curl pattern and I'm even surprised I have any curl pattern at all. I'm never flat ironing my hair again and instead I'm a 100% CG following the CG method! LESSON LEARNED THE HARD WAY.

Curly hair 2-3 summers ago

Ombré hair

Loose curls now

A few days ago after I cut a few inches but before I finalized my big chop