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I've been curly girl for six years now and though I can finally appreciate the results of having been natural for so long ; I wonder does anyone else find that they appreciate their hair when it's curly but that they look better when their hair is straight? I like having my hair curly because I know it's not undergoing heat damage, my hair strands aren't being ripped by the straightener so no flyaways, the rain, humidity, and sweat won't change it so I'm carefree in regards to weather and fitness, and my scalp is freshly cleaned so it always smells good. However having my hair straight opens my petite features up instead of drowning them, it brightens my face, I achieve length, I get great hair cuts and shapes, I get compliments, my second day hair doesn't look like dreads, my boyfriend can run his fingers through my hair, and my haircolor becomes visible because it's not wet all day and it's conditioner and custard free.
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I agree with you. When my hair is straight, my husband says I look more "exotic" and he can actually see my face. When it's curly, he says my face dissapears...but I think it looks bigger and rounder when my hair is curly. When it's straight, my face looks more elongated.
Yes, I feel that way about myself when I look at pictures of myself with curly vs. Straight hair. Due to all of the above things I mentioned, what do you do? Do you stay curly or go straight?
I try to leave it curly once in a while to let my hair rest from heat, but most days I straighten it, especially when I go to events (dinner parties, graduations, weddings, etc). That's why I can't have Deva cuts, they make my hair so uneven that it does not look good when I straighten. I'm trying to grow my hair very long so I only trim my ends every 3 - 4 months or so. I don't want to try BKT because of the chemicals that they all have, no matter what brand you use. My hair straightens really good with blow dry and flat iron. When I go to the salon, they just blow dry it and it looks really good.

I was looking at the In-Styler commercial and want to try it, but I need to do more research on it and see if it would work on my 3b hair!
I agree. I spend less time in the morning, feel more confident, pretty, and less people feel the need to touch and comment (and they aren't very nice comments &#128544 on my hair. I get more compliments, people say I'm prettier with straight hair, they prefer my hair straight, they say I look more professional, on and on and on. Then I wash my hair an that all goes away. Then I'm all like, "Does ANYONE appreciate my curly hair?"

I go to the salon every month where my stylist deep conditions, washes, blow dries, and flat irons my hair. I feel so great with straight hair, but I know I can feel great with curly hair if I can control it. Sigh....

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I stay curly except for one week every month

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Those of you who like their hair straight, what method do you use to straighten it? I'd rather wear my hair straight in winter because when the dews are low my hair doesn't curl as well and when it's windy, the windy blows the curls into a mess.

I'm interested in the least damaging method. Thanks for all responses!
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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