Help! I'm ready to shave my head, anyone have hair cut ideas?

Hey everyone, I need opinions and ideas! I'm pregnant, it's hot and humid in ATL, and we're going to visit cross country to visit the inlaws (with no running water). Since being preggers my hair is less curly, and I don't have the energy or desire to do the extra work required. Here's a current pic:

My face is swelling a bit these days Can I wear a pixie should I just pull out the clippers?
I actually think your hair looks very good like that! But I know what you mean about the hot humidity, bleh. Raleigh had 100% humidity for a lot of the day today. Anyway, when I get irritated with my hair, I pull it back in a thick cloth headband. It's very comfortable. Then I leave it in my curly bob (which I am growing out) when there is less humidity outside. I hate putting my hair in a ponytail. Besides being a little too short, I always feel like the hair might break. You could try a thick cloth headband on bad days if you don't want to cut it. Looks sporty.

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