Whats your overnight hairstyle?

hey 3b girls!
i was wondering the other night if any other people like to but there hair in some kind of braid or bun. i would love to see pics if you wish. i really just wanted to try something new to do with my hair overnight seeing as i never have time in the morning lol.

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I normally pineapple and sleep with a silk pillowcase
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I put it in a bun on the very top of my head loosely (like a pineapple) I probably would do something else, like braids, but I find it more comfortable to have all my hair off of the back of my head. I think braiding would be good at night, it probably puts your hair more in place than a bun. I wake up every morning looking like I just stuck my finger in a socket.

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I put it into 2 French braids

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Sometimes I do a pineapple or two loosely braided pigtails. And I always put on a satin or silk cap.

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I usually just pull my hair into a loose bun as high as I can. I can't stand hair on my neck or all in my face as i toss and turn at night.I feel like its going to suffocate me or something.
my hair is just above the shoulder and i sleep with it down. i can't get it to pineapple (too short) and a pony tail wrecks the curls. on days i don't wash my hair, i just wet my hands, rub some gel over them, and run my hands through my hair and scrunch.
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Usually this or a bun

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My little sister is a 3b, lately I've been pulling her hair up loosely in a pineapple , loosely braiding the ends and wrap it in a loose bun. Emphasis on the loose to avoid changing her curl pattern. Her waist length hair has gotten too long for a pineapple or just sleeping on a satin pillow case.
I don't do anything, just loosely tied back low to keep it out of my face. However, if you do a bunch of braids while still wet at night, then sleep on it & take the braids out it can look really nice the next day. =] I just don't take the time to do it.
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When my hair was shoulder length, I did a pineapple.

When my hair was mid-back, I started doing either a single braid or braided pigtails.

Now that my hair is at my waist, I do a loose bun on top of my head.
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