Henna Revived My Curls!

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My hair has been giving me a talk every time I get out of the shower. It says, "Thank you for co-washing me, but I'm still mad that you tried to lighten my color last month. So I'm just going to go limp on you if you try to condition me, and fuzz up if you don't."

Now that I only wear my hair in its natural texture, I was really worried my curl pattern would loosen with my henna application. I haven't done one in a long while, but since I am growing my hair out now, I decided my hair needed all the strength it could have. I had heard amla mixed with the henna would preserve curls, but I wasn't sure where to get it and didn't know if it was worth the bother. I decided to go ahead with just henna.

The result was fabulous. I was very pleased. Not only is my hair a rich auburn now, but the fuzz on the ends is smoothed into place with the henna. I wouldn't say it's curlier, as in the curls are tighter, but I would say they are now forming definite spirals now. I don't notice that my little babies are any looser.

Share how henna has affected your curl pattern for better or for worse if you've tried it.
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Dense but fine and delicate 3a hair. Feels like a dandelion without product. Difficulties in getting less puff and more definition when short.

On a mission to grow out after my big chop!
When I henna my hair, the effect is like a protein treatment: it feels smooth, much less frizz and the curls get tighter and springier. It feels like I gave myself a mini haircut, especially since my ends feel refreshed! The tightening effect usually calms down after the first week for me.
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|| 3b; normal porosity; fine/normal texture || CG since Feb 2010 || SD/dandruff prone

Current Routine BAQ henna 1/month Leave-in OH Hair Dew Cheapie Conditioner Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing
Old Stand-bys extra-virgin coconut oil Protein AO GPB; Moisture AO HR Style AOMMJ Kept for troubleshooting.
Waiting to try extra-wide curlformers SD treatment H&S Clinical Strength

I tried mixing amla into my henna this last time since it's supposed to help keep the curl. I hennaed on Sunday and was surprised to see springy uniform ringlets with very little frizz after washing it out and letting it air day. I COd today with the same products, finger combed and am letting it air dry. I hope I get similar results. If not, I may need to find a recipe for an amla rinse to reactivate the frizz-less curl.

I have used henna without amla and didn't get the definition or smoothness that I got when I mixed in the amla.

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