Pixie cut question?

I want to get a pixie cut because I'm madly in love with Fo Porter's hair.

her hair honestly isn't very curly, compared to my hair (i believe an accurate representation of my hair would be rachel true)

is it possible that if i got a pixie cut, my hair would be cute and precious like fo porters? or will it be a frizzy afro thing? I have a baby brother, his hair is like might except I think his curls are tighter, and when we let it grow it's a frizzy afro mess (which is what I don't want to look like!)
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u would need to put chemicals in Ur hair or get a strong flat iron. A small one...otherwise u'll get that look you don't want

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I had to look up another picture because I believe your link is broken.

My hair is also like Rachel True's so I can give you a picture of my hair when it was short...

I mean obviously you can get her look if straighten it a bit or do styles to loosen your curls.
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