a slow but gradual change...?

ok, so I'm new to this and I'm just about a week into trying the CG method. Even before I had heard of this my hair over time has slowly (very very slowly) but gradually getting curlier. Right now I am sitting at a 2c but with lots've 3b present around my face. I am curious if anyone else has had a very slow change but change non the less. I just don't want it to be wishful thinking that possibly my head could be completely filled with 3a's.
My hair has actually gone the opposite direction, but yes I have had a slow hair change. As a teen, my hair was much thicker, frizzier, and more 3c. Now in my 20s, it is 3a/b, and not as thick and unruly. I have known several curlies to have these sorts of changes as they age... I think it has to do with hormonal and body changes over the years. I know many women report hair texture changes after having children, menopause, etc. I know my hair changed a lot after puberty, etc.
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I had much tighter curls when I was younger that have since developed into 2c/3a/occasional 3b. It's not unusual for your curl type to change and most curlies note that their hair is filled with variety of curls and whirls. It is possible for your hair to change into 3a or many different types over the course of your life.

The environment you live in can also have an effect on your curl type and their formation.
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Im pretty sure my hair has gone from a 2b with a little 2c ( if I was lucky) to a 3a in the span of about a year.

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I alternate use of products and use both Shampoo and Conditioner daily. Have been mod- CG for approx. 5 months. Straighten aprox once every 2 weeks. Thinking of going full CG.

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