Funky haircut

I am currently growing out a BC and have a TWA going on making it about 4 1/2 inches long (maybe about a half inch shorter). I'm thinking of doing some kind of funky haircut but everything I keep seeing requires me to straighten out my hair which I refuse to do. I currently am leaning towards this haircut...

How can I do this hairstyle while also keeping my curls?
I'm not sure how you'd do it but it is possible and looks amazing. There was a girl at uni last year who I used to see wearing that exact style. She was about a 3c/4a mix

Oh now I remember. A girl on youtube with curly hair did this by flat twisting one side and doing a twist out on the rest of the hair

Found it :

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Thanks for the video link. The weird thing is when I tried it my hair didn't come out curly it actually straightened itself out. Very strange.

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