Finger worthy hair

Does anyone with 3b curls have hair that is soft and that they can run their fingers through? If so what type of hair do you have and what's your hair regimen? My hair is crunchy and wet and you can't run your fingers through it because it disrupts the curl pattern and causes frizz, especially when it's dry. I'm in my late 20s and I don't feel like I'm enjoying it and they're almost over. I never have soft touchable hair that you can run your fingers through. I've tried everything from creams to serums. If I don't want wet hair I can achieve dry h air but it's frizzy and if you try to run your fingers through I get an Afro. I can achieve frizz free hair but only with heavy products that leave me wet and crunchy. So it's always two options wet and crunchy or an Afro. Neither allow fingers to be ran through. Is this just the luck with having curls or do people actually av curls you can run your fingers through?
I gave 3b hair with some 3a too. Its a tight curl so even if they are in optimum shape your still going to make more and more volume in your hair by running fingers all the way through. With our type of curl i don't think u can run your fingers all the way through without adding extra volume. If your using gels you can get rid of the crunch after it dries by smoothing your hand over your hair with a bit of oil. If that doesn't work your probably using too much gel. I've pretty much accepted that I can't do that. But I do put my fingers in my hair alot and i get away with it if I'm gentle.

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