How often should you do protein/deep conditioning treatments on your hair?

I know you"re not supposed to do them too often, but how often is that? Also, How often should you deep condition?
I think you have to learn to read your hair and do them as necessary. "Too often" varies from head to head. I've read of some who deep condition every wash. The elasticity test is good, also for me the porosity test. if my hair gets more porous, I probably need a deep oiling.

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Depends on how healthy your hair is...but if it's fairly healthy I'd say no more than 1-2x a month.
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It also depends on the protein treatment that you are using, some are heavy like aphogee 2 step and it recommends that you only use it once every 6 weeks or so, others are lighter and you can use them every week
For me it's:

PT- weekly or semi-weekly
DC- 1 to 2 times per week

But it really depends on your hair's needs.
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