Day 2 hair

Hi, so I'm new here.
But anyways, I've been having problems with getting my hair to look good on day 2. On day 2, it's always a little frizzy and my curls aren't as shiny and defined as they are on day 1. Anyone have any tips?
I sleep with mine up in a pineapple and then the next day I just put a little product in my hands with a little water, rub them together and then and run it over my hair to take care of any flyaways.

I use Curl Keeper and AG Re:coil and my 2nd day hair is pretty much always better than 1st day hair. I think because I use quite a bit of product and it had more body the 2nd day (fluffed up more). I easily get 3rd and 4th day hair with this combo and what I mentioned above.
3B, with some 3C

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