Haircut question for long hair? (Pictures)

I have long hair and I'd like to keep it that way, but the length is really dragging my curls down and I feel like the top of my hair is too flat. Right now my hair is all one length, with the exception of my grown out bangs on one side, which I usually tuck or pin back. I want a new haircut but something that can give me some more volume and get my curls curlier. I was thinking of getting long layers? Has anyone been in a similar situation and done this? Or known someone who has? I'm worried my hair will just poof up and look bad. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated, thank you.

Haircut question for long hair? (Pictures)-552030_3003777697077_1407764580_n.jpg

Haircut question for long hair? (Pictures)-427862_446454832047896_104228950_n.jpg

Haircut question for long hair? (Pictures)-269638_251646691528712_4591770_n.jpg
Omg your curls are gorgeous, is that your natural hair color?
To get more volume up top, you can use mini clips to prop up ur roots while ur hair's drying. Length used to affect my curls too. I got it cut and curls sprung forth. If you wanna cut it, you really need search out a stylist that can handle curly hair.

And ur hair color is awesome
Like duckbill clips? I completely forgot about that, what a great idea! & yes my hair is natural, thank you
Oooh, love your hair! I wish I could get my hair to that length! I am the opposite and have always had layers cut in (my hair is mid length i guess?...see attached). It's easy to manage but the only problem I find is as it grows out (which is where i am now) it goes all different lengths.
Have a talk with a trusted stylist? Good luck! x
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Haircut question for long hair? (Pictures)-camera-july-11-165.jpg  

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