Hair Type?

Hey there,

I can't for the life of me figure out my hair type!
i think im def somewhere around 3b/3c. My hair is pretty curly, though it doesn't curl well, and really thick!

I've attached a picture of my hair about 2 years ago when i used to use the tigi bedhead products, one is a mix of things but ive been blow drying my hair regularly so im assuming its taken a lot of the curl out, and the last one is the last time i washed my hair trying to use conditioner as a leave in and loreal invisi gel (before my hair was washed it was blow dryed). hope that helps

Can anyone please tell me what type of curls i have and how to manage them to look as lovely as most of the picture i've seen up here and help me love my curls.

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Hair Type?-img00635-20110301-1629.jpg   Hair Type?-photo.jpg   Hair Type?-photo-2-.jpg  
Maybe a 3b. In the last 2 pictures, it looks 3a/2c .3a curls fit around a side walk chalk, 3b curls fit around a marker, and 3c curls fit around a pen. 4a fit around a coffee stirrer
thanks Mixedgoldilocks!
I'm still trying to find a routine that works for me!! but maybe its a start that i stop blowdrying my curls!

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