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So right now I have curly 3b hair that's right below my shoulder blades. It's a lot to deal with and I've been looking to cut it because I'm getting bored and frustrated. I've finally found a picture that's more or less the look I'm going for:

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The thing that's worrying me is if this is even feasible on 3b hair. Would it work or am I just asking for a disaster? Everyone I know has scared me into keeping my hair long, saying that if I went any shorter it wouldn't look right. So all I want to know is if this is possible or not.

P.S. If anyone has pictures similar to this one I'd be interested in seeing them as well!
Sure - I think it would look great with 3b hair. Why not? I think the girl in the picture has 3a/3b hair.

Why don't you think it would work on 3b hair? Do you think your hair is more curly or less curly than the picture? Regardless, I think the style would be terrific with what I think of as 3b hair.

I hope you post back with why you have doubts and I'm sure others will chime in too.
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I guess the main reason I have doubts is because I've heard so many horror stories of people who have cut their hair short and ended up with a ball of frizz. I've never gotten my hair cut much shorter than it already is either. Everyone always tries to talk me out of cutting my hair as well (not like they should, it's not their hair) but if it's the right cut and layered properly etc. then what's there to lose? Hair grows back. My hair is a bit curlier than the girl in the picture's but it's still loose enough that I think it's do-able.

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Well one thing to consider is if your hair gets curlier when cut shorter.

I recently cut my hair (shortest its ever been-went from shoulder length when dry to neck length when dry) and my hair is at it's tightest curl that I can remember. I went from mostly 3b to mostly 3c. So if your hair gets curlier when shorter the cut may look different than imagined.
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Oh, I understand now. DaBoggie's comment is important to consider. Maybe if you can give us some pictures we will be able to make a better judgement. I hope others weigh in.
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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I will definitely try to get one or two pictures up tomorrow Thanks for your advice so far!
Here are the pictures I promised. What do you all think?
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Short curly hair?-hair.jpg   Short curly hair?-hair2.jpg   Short curly hair?-hair3.jpg  
I think your hair is TOTALLY gorgeous and I WANT IT. But I don't know the answer to your question.

Of course in a way, the answer is, if you cut it and you don't like it, you can always grow it back. You may never know unless you take the chance. My guess is that it will never look like 3b hair but if your curl pattern is strong, it will look great with the proper products and techniques. Why you would want it to look like anything other than what it is is beyond me. (See first sentence).

Please let us know what you decide to do and update with pics if you cut it. Best of luck! (I hate you - your hair is too gorgeous).
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
Thank you so much! I'll definitely update if I decide to cut it - I just need to debate over it a little more. Your input has been fantastic.
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Why don't you cut it shorter but in stages so you can see how it reacts as it gets shorter. Maybe even long layers so you can see how different lengths look with your curls.
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Not a bad idea, I might do that! It'd probably be more realistic.
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Hey CurlyZebra...not sure if you've already decided to cut or not, but thought I'd weigh in since I have pretty similar hair to yours (in appearance, anyway!). I have had my hair short for years now, around shoulder length and above and I love having it short! Nothing QUITE as short as the example in your OP, but I've been slowly but surely trimming my way to a similar length.

If you do decide on a bob, I don't think your hair will look like the pic you posted, but it will probably look super cute. The girl in the bob pic has really loose curls that do not look like 3B to me. To give you an idea, my 3B hair turns into loopy, springy coils when short and healthy.

I think a more realistic example might be something like one of these, depending on how you style, thickness of your hair, and how springy your hair gets when it loses length.

If you do decide to lose some length, I would definitely start off slow as others have suggested! Cut a little at a time because you might be surprised (if you're used to having long curls) at how much your curls will shrink up when there's less length weighing them down! When I trim my "bangs" I can lose up to an inch in length after I trim 1/2 cutting 1/2 inch really equals 1 1/2 inches of total length lost. That's sort of extreme because these are really short lengths of hair to begin with (nose/cheekbone length), but you get the idea.

Hope that helps. Good luck!
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