lost for years!!

Alright so im new to this and need some answers. i have a mix of 3a and 3b hair so its kind of relaxed curls. i have tried product after product to get my hair right from devacurl angel which did jack squat, mouse which requires pretty much the whole can to actually start working, mixed chicks whick works pretty well, the dep and LA looks gels that leaves my hair crunchy and unmovable but i use it anyway because its the only thing so far that keeps my hair unfluffy. i just got a product called Wen but i dont have any reviews on it so im not sure how its going to work, PLEASE!! someone give me like their top 10 products or something. i need results im tired of failing everyday
Curls line
Anything Curl Junkie
Mixed chicks w/ SM CES underneath (stops the crunch)

Good luck.

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- Lexcoupe

Hair type 3C/4A
Last Relaxer 10/10
BC 5/1/11
Porosity- Normal to High
Co-Wash - TN, AM
Poo - SM MR
LI - Giovanni SAS; Almost anything Curl Junkie
Styler And even more Curl Junkie; Mixed Chicks
Gelly - Umm, did I mention Curl Junkie?

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