Non-comedogenic gel?

Hi everyone

I have 3b hair and right now I use no hair products other than a bit of L.A. Looks Curl gel.

I have problems with moderate acne, and I think the gel might be making it worse. I keep my hair out of my face as much as possible, but no way am I leaving the house without my five-head covered by bangs I tend to get pimples along my hairline too. I went without gel for a couple of weeks and I didn't break out at all during that period (but my hair was a mess!) .

Does anyone know of some non-comedogenic gels?


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I would just say to experiment. What irritates one person's acne may not irritate anothers. I also have very sensitive skin, and haven't had any problems with the gels I have been usisng. I would just check out drugstore options, since you won't really know what is going to aggravate your acne. I like LA looks sport gel, eco styler, and ic fantasia with sparkle lites. These all have glycerin and protein. But I do like pantene curl shaping gel,which has no glycerin or protein; however, the hold is very soft in my hair.
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I have the same issue around my hair line and anywhere my hair touches for too long. I have a hard time believing that a hair products wont clog pores. Any type of leave in conditioner for me will. I heard that aloe Vera gel is non com, jojoba oil, and castor oil all mixed together works as a gel and all these are supposed to be good for acne anyways if applied to the face. I have not tried this yet but I am about to try going without product atleast on parts of my hair that touch my face or shoulders or neck. and and I'm a 3ab.

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I've been really happy with Aubrey Organics gels: Mandarin Magic Jelly and B5 Design Gel. My skin gets irritated (little white bumps and redness like a breakout) when I use products with propylene glycol like a lot of hair gels/products. Maybe cutting out synthetics will help your skin? HTH!
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