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-   -   My hair's falling flat:'((

datcurlygirl 08-20-2012 06:18 PM

My hair's falling flat:'(
So, here's the story. Every morning, I get up, rinse my curls with an herbal essence conditioner, distribute my products, and scrunch with an old t-shirt.
And the result, is *Beautiful curls! Until about 1 o'clock. Around that time everyday, my curls start flattening out, and they basically turn into frizzy waves. Is it something in my routine, or just the simple fact that my hair is DRY? Thanks! :)

Corrina777 08-20-2012 06:49 PM

Are you using shampoo? The Herbal Essences conditioners have non-water-soluble cones which are going to build up on your hair if you're not cleansing regularly with either a sulfate shampoo or a low-poo with coco betaine. That's the first thing I would consider.

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Keihs 08-20-2012 09:39 PM

If you're only using a conditioner, you might be overconditioned, so you could try a protein treatment. But I agree with Corinna first.

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