Yep - I agree, for me more clumps means better definition but looser curls. If I use lighter products, my curls spring up more, and I get more volume. But I also tend to get more frizz (or I guess, more fly away hairs is more accurate). I don't use traditional gel at all - just natural jelly stylers. But even these can weigh my hair down at times.
2c/3a, botticelli/wavy/'swavy (huh?)
fine, dense, normal porosity/elasticity, dry climate

My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

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