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Okay in the shower I use Tresseme Moisture Shampoo and Condtioner.(I comb it thorugh)Then I comb a moisturizing gel through my hair and scrunch when I get out.My hair looks totally GORUGEOUSThen when it dries it gets HUGE and I look like a bear I have type 3B hair and I just got it trimmed and got layers,so it's by my shoulders(when it's wet) I LOVE MY CURLY HAIR I REALLY DO I JUST WANT IT TO BE MORE UNDER CONTROL! PLEASE HELP?
Although I am no longer strict CG myself (probably 85% CG now), I recommend that every wavy/curly try CG for a while to see what it can potentially do for their hair. Long term constant use of sulfates and silicones can dry out hair and lead to frizz and lack of definition. Eliminating these ingredients can allow the hair to re-capture the moisture that it needs.

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I agree with Corrina, and also, how are you styling it? First, are you doing a cold rinse? Have you tried using a sealant? Do you use any type of hair dryer or diffuser or are you letting it air dry? Have you tried a protein treatment or deep conditioner? We need a little more information. Maybe read up some more on the different techniques and try them and report back.

If you could post a picture, maybe you would get some additional, helpful suggestions. It can be very frustrating at first.
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Hair properties are really more important then curl type when choosing ingredients/products. Here's a link to help you with yours Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Once you find folks with hair like yours you can see what they use (in signatures.) It's the best place to start.

You should also read, read and read some more. There are stickies at the top of each forum. They contain a lot of useful information.
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Are you using enough gel? Maybe just use a bit more, then when it has "crunch" to it after it dries, leave it for a while... Also what about a hairspray to finish? When my hair is sopping wet, sometimes I'll add a bit of spray just to help coat my curls and keep them together.

I hope you find something that helps!
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