II had poker straight hair up until I was 13. Through the "miracle of puberty" I developed extremely tight curly hair. My hair has been that way for the past ten years. Just this year, my curls have become more relaxed. This summer if i did not blow dry my hair, it would only have a wave to it and not a lot of curl. HELP!
I went online and looked at the CG method. Since then I have completely taken silicone out of my products. I wash my hair with suave naturals coconut conditioner, then use herbal essences curl mousse along with herbal essences curly gel. The combination of the 3 products make the front of my hair curly (3a) but the back is still only wavy. Am i doing something wrong?
I have very fine thin hair so I thought i needed protein. I use the unflavored gelatin recipe and it did help make the back of my head into a very loose curl.
After reading a bunch of forums on this website. i saw people suggesting the "Spiral Solutions" protein treatment brand. After seeing the bottle was $20 I am very hesitant to buy it and try it.
Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, or advice as to why i am loosing my curl and how can I get it back?