The products I use on my hair

Okay um ever since my grandma bought Tresemme, it's been great. I am using 3 different products for school on my hair. First is the Tresemme extra firm control all day humidity resistance. Next is L.A. Looks frizz tamer. And last Paul Mitchel extra volume sculpting gel I think. I was on this website earlier and doing my research. I remember reading about how other people had their hair like, drier, ever since they've used tresemme products. That makes me scared because I am trying to do the CG method. I think I should change my products. I need something to make my hair stay for 8 hours. I used a bunch of gels because it will make my curls stay, and using stuff to tame frizz and humidity was a double winner! But I don't know if I am supposed to be using these.. Can anybody mention some products they use thats like healthy for your hair? Oh and I am thinking about buying the Herbal Essences totally twister conditioner. Is it good?? And if you happen to know any shampoos with no sulfate thats cheap/affordable, I'd really appreciate it.

I am still kinda new around here but I think I have 2c/3a hair. Around there.. :P
Well all I can say is if it works, it works. CG isn't for everyone.

I myself am CG because it helps me prevent build-up though. Anyway, it was kind of difficult to tell what you wanted, but KC Come Clean and Burt's Bees organic shampoo are both sulfate free and relatively cheap. (I assume that like you should, you only use about a dime to quarter-sized amount each time, depending on how long your hair is.)

Anyway, if you start to show signs of build-up, or notice that you aren't getting the same results again, then I would examine your regimen. The reason that many don't use Tresemme Products (excluding Tresemme Naturals), is because they often contain heavy silicones, panthenol, glycerin, and other unnecessary and unhelpful ingredients.
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