Newly Natural. 4c hair to 3c hair??? :-/

Okay. So a little background about my hair:
-Last year in november I had my last relaxer and to be honest it didn't take but I had mad hair hot combed. Yes hot combed.
-after that I had a full sewn in weave, got braids back to back 2 times.
-maybe about 2/3 months ago I took out my braids and I washed and condtioned my hair with sulfate free things. And actually started dealing with my natural hair.
Okay so after I shampooed and condtioned my hair I thought I had 4c hair. No curl pattern. No nothing but it wasn't dry and it didn't break. I bought stuff like Shea Moisture and Cantu and coconut oil and my hair started getting curlier. Then I did the conditioner only thing and it got curlier. Then I made my own hair mask made of:
Lemon juice
Coconut oil
I think that's it. And like my hair went from 4c curls to 3c curls. And its staying like this. Yesterday I cut off all the damaged parts and my hair is just like this. And really dunno what my hair looked like when I was younger, my hair was really curly and my mom relaxed and straightened my hair at a young age cause I was tender headed and I have a lot of hair. I don't really follow the hair typing system but that's the only way I can explain the sudden change in curl pattern. Um is there any ingredient in that list that explains the sudden curl change? Lol
P.s. and I stopped using combs to detangle I only finger detangle
Hopefully this doesn't sound u know..Cray Cray and ya can understand lol.
Well, there are many reasons for curl pattern changes. My hair was 3a-3b as a child, but in my teens, after two relaxers in childhood (that I grew out, and after the second, BC'ed), my hair is 3c-ish.

As far as I am aware, no ingredient in that list can cause a chemical change to your hair. Also, from your description, it just sounded like your hair needed moisture, and after getting moisture, loosened up and gained back the curl pattern. That happens to a lot of people.

But just curious, did you get a BC yet? (Since you said that you had a relaxer last November).

P.S. I wouldn't worry about the curl typing system too much. It's just designed to help you meet hair twins, or even just people that are knowledgable about hair that is similar to yours. I surf all the hair type forums, just to see what's out there.
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No I havent BC'ed I just cut off the relaxed parts. Before I got my braids I had red hair and my hair was damaged and it broke off. So when it broke off there wasn't much relaxed hair left. When I took them out I had a lot of new growth lol.
Then it just sounds like you got your curl back. Congratulations!
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Lol thanks now it's in a twists, the NYC weather changing fast sheesh smh.
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it's probably just the moisture. I thought I was 4b/c and then i started doing weekly deep treatments and no shampoo and I got defined 4a curls. even though I've been without relaxer for 12 years, my hair was always dyed, wrapped up, tied up and i never really dealt with my hair. i was tired of always chopping off and starting over due to damage and decided learn how to properly take care of my hair. once i learned that, my curl pattern emerged. your hair was just probably dry and fizzy before and needed moisture.
Are you sure you were 4c in the first place?

Because I cant see one going from


I know there are things that can loosen curl pattern, but change the curl diameter?

There are 4c that have done mask and their curls loosened but the diameter of their curl didnt change, it was just less spirally..

Darker Than Brown: Cleaning My 4b/4c Hair With Bentonite Clay

Perhaps you were are 4a and your hair got that punch of moisture which made your curls pop
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i think my hair is 4c as well. im going to do what you did

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