Do you cut your hair yourself?

Dear All,

I just got back from a hairstylist and am soooo unhappy. I had very long hair and asked my hairdresser (where I have never been before) to keep the V shape and just try to get me a little more volume and trim the ends.

Now first of all she cut them wet. I know BIG mistake, but I was too shy to say something. She cut my front way too short, so that I ended up with a extreme V shape. This will take years to grow back...

I had a devacut before and wasnīt happy either.

Does anyone her cut their hair themselves? I am scared, but I donīt trust anyone anymore with my hair. If so, how do you do it? I looked up a couple videos on YT but havenīt found a really good one.
I'm with you on not trusting anyone else with my hair I want to know that if it ends up lookig messed up or something, that atleast I didn't pay someone to mess it up lol. I did my big chop myself and I did my recent cut in august by myself. I just took a chance and luckily it came out right.
Fefe that sounds great. I need to buy some good scissors. I just cant get over my hair. Sorry fot he bad pic but i want u to get an idea. If u look at my face u would think i have only chin long hair. Man i regret going to get the cutDo you cut your hair yourself?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349837493.129815.jpg

From the side it looks alright Do you cut your hair yourself?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349837528.584349.jpg
2 1/2 years ago, I had a stroke (a brain bleed) and had to have brain surgery. My hair had to be cut off. My hair grows like a "bad weed" - my mother's description. My hair has grown back to past its former length. I know it has no shape but I'm scared I'll screw it up and I'm scared a stylist will hurt my still sensitive head.

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