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My hair is frizzy like this all over my head, not just the ends. No matter how much I try to smooth it down, it's still frizzy! help?
I thought I attached a photo, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Anyone know the best way to fight frizzy hair?
I just apply a little watered-down conditioner, and oil and kind of smooth it over my hair before I go to bed, and when awaken the next morning, my curls have very little frizz. I would post pics, but my cameras are broken. Sorry. I hope I helped, though! What have you tried?
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My hair has a mix of low/med/high porosity, and it's medium textured (some are still fine, though!)

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* represents my HGs!!! Finally!!!
Also make sure you are not using a shampoo with sulfate. I found out that was my problem. Once I switched shampoos the problem stopped. Sulfate dry out your hair and cause frizz
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Can you tell us what products you're using?
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Also tell us a little more about your regimen besides what products - like how do you usually dry & style?

I don't know if you do or not, but make sure not to use a regular towel to dry your hair, & not to "rub" your hair to dry, as that can cause split ends & frizziness. Use a cotton t-shirt or special hair towel instead and "squeeze" your hair to dry.
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My regiment is pretty similar to heyfranhey regimen from youtube. I put olive oil in my hair the night before I wash, then wash it out the next day. I use shea moisture conditioner to wash my hair (I rarely shampoo) which has AMAZING slip. After that, I put in the shea moisture deep treatment and sit under the heutiful steamer. After sitting under (for about 20 min.) I rinse out and leave just a tiny bit in. I then apply kinky curly knot today on soaking wet hair by just smoothing it in. Sometimes I apply it on my hair while it's not so soaking wet. When I do this I use a flour sac towel to eliminate frizz and try to soak out some water, then smooth in the kinky curly. It's weird because sometimes my hair has hardly any frizz and it looks sooo nice for days, and then sometimes it frizzes up the next day. I think I may need to use the kinky curly curling custard on top of the knot today, which is what I used to do. I actually applied some gel (herbal essences) on top of the knot today yesterday and it actually looks really nice right now! The thing is, I'm trying to use just natural products and the herbal essence is not natural, but it works. So I think what my hair is craving is something that is gel-like, which may just be the curling custard. I've also thought about trying the eco-styler gel. Anyone have any opinions on it? I've never used it.
Sounds like a good regimen!

From what you said, I agree that it seems like your hair is just needing some gel on top of your LI. Probably a lot of the frizziness/inconsistency comes from normal dew-point/humidity variation, plus not using gel. When I used to use KCKT, it would always get frizzy if I didn't put KCCC over it.

Are there any other patterns you've noticed as to when it is frizzy and when it's not?

I LOVE KCCC and still use it over almost everything, even though I don't use KCKT anymore. I have never used Eco-styler, but from what I hear it's hold is similar or maybe a little stronger than KCCC and you can get more for cheaper, but that it doesn't "play nicely" with some LI's, which can lead to gooey white balls in people's hair. KCCC works with everything that I've ever used it with!
3c/4a; medium porosity; high elasticity; M; iii

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My hair was looking a straight up mess when I was not shampooing(or no-pooing) often enough. I would usually go a month or more without using my no poo and just co wash and rinse very well. I have been cg for 5 years and recently discovered I need to wash my hair more in order to benefit from the products I am using. Now my hair barely frizzes So, maybe try washing your hair more often?
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