how to recover from sulfate disaster fast?

Hello everyone, I've been modified CG for almost a year now. I have mid length fine hair with long layers that is naturally a dark golden blonde. Over the summer I abused sun in, which made it very very light blonde, but I recently decided to dye it with demi permanent red hair dye. Now the dye was supposed to come out like a light ginger copper color, natural looking. But it came out kool aide red in a few area of my hair, and dark golden blonde everywhere else. I only left it on for 10 minutes, and I didn't like the color so i abused my curls in the worst possible way: I washed it with sulfate free shampoo, then sulfate shampoo, then Dawn dish soap (eek!) TWICE, then sulfate shampoo again all in the length of two hours. The next day i washed it with a sulfate shampoo again twice in the same day. Needless to say my hair is dry and it feels terrible. I did a protein treatment and deep conditioning treatment yesterday, and slept with a deep conditioner the nigt I colored it. I've been using the most moisturizing conditioner, and a lot of leave in. I did an oil treatment today. What else can I do to repair my poor abused curls fast? The very blonde ones are the before, the first two is what it looks like now Please offer some advice, I'll never do this to my hair ever again! TIA
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The only thing I can think of is deep conditioning regularly, and maybe use heat with it so it can penetrate your hair more. And personally, I don't think your hair looks that bad!
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Oh that's not so bad. I've seen worse. You need some Emergencee by Nexxus. Just wet your hair, put the conditioner on and put your hair under a cap. Sit for 30mins and rinse out. Follow up this treatment with Nexxus Humectress for moisture for the next couple of days. Now these may have a cone or two but you can address that once the nutrients are fully restored to your hair. After about a week, If you feel the need to shampoo, do NOT use a sulfate shampoo. Shea moisture makes a good Moisture retention non-sulfate shampoo that will gently remove cones without stripping your hair.

Some people are anti cones. But from my experience when it comes to damage, Nexxus products are some of the best in fixing hair damage. Once your hair is back soft then address the cones with the Shea Moisture or any other moisturizing shampoo.

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