Still frizzy!


I haven't been CG for very long (a week and a half) but I have been mostly there for 6+ months now. Before finding this website, I made guesses and tried things until I was not using shampoo and was washing with conditioner but I didn't know enough to stop using cones etc. Now I've been enlightened and have been mostly happy with the changes; HOWEVER

it's still frizzy! The hair in the back is nearly perfect but the part that you see when you look at me is still pretty bad. I've done a DT and a PT to start things off and it doesn't seem to change anything very much. Is this something that should get better as my hair adjusts to being CG? Does the fact that I was only shampooing every couple weeks and was conditioning quite a bit before starting CG (even if it was with "bad" conditioners) help or hurt the cause? Thanks for any insight. I might just be impatient but if there's something I can do, I'd love some help!

Type: 3b
Styler: LALMHG
If you were still using cones and haven't done a clarifying poo (can also be done with a clarifying conditioner) to remove them, you may want to do that. Otherwise, you might just not have reached the proper moisture/protein balance for you yet. Some find that after starting CG their hair just seems to drink moisture at first, then starts needing less as time passes til the balance is right. Also, the canopy hair is often damaged by sun, smog and other atmospheric concerns even though we haven't used harsh styling methods on it and often needs more conditioning than the rest of our hair.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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