I don't know what to do

Im getting sick of it. I'm 15, and in 2009 I cut off my hair to be natural. Three years later it's so damaged. I really want it to grow long, but because of the breakage it hasn't grown past my shoulders. It's choppy (my top layers are shorter that my bottom), and I can barely wear a bun. It's not out of no where though, I was pretty much abusing my hair and not moisterizing it, but it's so hard taking care of it. Over the past few days Ive been moisterizing it very well and taking great care of it, and I had very little to no breakage . But I blow dried it again today and the breakage started again, Im not gonna put heat on it anymore. What are some things I can do to fix this problem so my hair can grow past this frustating and annoying length? Anybody, I'm desperate
What exactly do you think is the problem? Just moisture?

By the way, can you give us some more information? Does your hair like protein? Is it highly porous? (It sounds porous) Is it fine? (And therefore at high risk of over conditioning?) Coarse? Thick?

Also, what products are you currently using? Are you CG?
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Olive oil is a pretty good moisturizer. Put some on before you wash your hair. I put some in my hair the night before I wash my hair, and then wash it out the next morning. Also, try a protein treatment of some kind. There are plenty of treatments you can do at home, such as egg and honey mixed with olive oil. Or you can go to the store and buy a treatment. Look at youtube videos. There are TONS of videos on there that would be so helpful for you. Hope this helped at least a little. Good luck!
You may want to try a henna gloss. That would strengthen your hair and help it grow. Check out the henna threads and YouTube videos.
There are some basic tips here >> Curly Hair Growth Chart

and here ABC's of Curly Hair
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